When it comes to quality for DJing, Pioneer’s one of the names that have made a name for themselves, not only for audio quality but also affordable prices, durability and functionality.  It was based on these key aspects that Pioneer announced today, that an upgraded version of their so popular HDJ-X5 headphones will be coming out very soon!

The Over-Ear Headphones have been a fan favorite for their amazing quality and affordable price and they will now have Bluetooth connectivity to allow the DJ to create a deeper connection with the music and feel free with this beautiful wireless & flexible piece of tech.

The main goal behind this upgrade is to allow DJ’s to feel comfortable in any given situation, and this choice gives them exactly that!

The sound quality will be the same as the wired, clean, stunning and a true delight to the ears. Having the option to go between Wired and Wireless, and with an approximate 20-hour last time between full charges, there’s really no excuse to why you wouldn’t get these.

The HDJ-X5BT, name that was given to this Bluetooth version of the headphones, will go on sale mid-October and will have a very appealing price to them, going for just 149$.

For more information on this, check out their website down below:


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