And Moby does it again. After selling over 100 pieces of musical equipment in April and his entire record collection in June, the legendary DJ and producer is now preparing to sell his world famous selection of vintage drum machines. The proceeds will, as had been done before, go towards funding the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, an organization dedicated to the promotion of more responsible and preemptive health practices around the world.

This time, the sale will go live on October 11, also on the Reverb online platform. Moby explains that he’s always been obsessed with drum machines, and believes he has amassed the largest collection of analog drum machines in the world. Along with those, there’ll also be some early digital drum machines on sale as well.

The crown jewel of his collection, and the most expensive one to obtain, is the first drum machine ever created, the Chamberlin Rhythmate. Built by Harry Chamberlin in 1949, only ten of these were ever made. Moby owns two of them, and both will be available for purchase.

And there’s a lot more to look forward to. The entire stock is seriously impressive, filled to the brim with historical pieces of equipment. Some examples Moby singled out during the announcement were the MXR Drum Computer, the Roland TR-909, some classic Univox drum machines, and the bulky Wurlitzer Side Man.

Moby has been very generous with these sales, especially if we take into account the true love he held for his work instruments. Let’s hope he doesn’t end up with an empty studio!

You can listen to Moby’s latest album here, and to his fantastic remix of Pendulum’s Vault, from their recent Reworks album, right here.

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