The drama is set on social media as the dubstep community lashes on Monxx for doing what you’re not supposed to do as an artist.

Monxx is a dubstep producer and DJ from North America that is known for his amazing productions and sets but also for missing shows, not delivering merch and tricking other DJs into collaborations that end up not happening.

Missing shows is something awful but sometimes necessary if the artist in question isn’t feeling well, either mentally or physically. Monxx already stated before that this is the reason he hasn’t showed up to some of the concerts but now he gives us another reason. He was confirmed to play at the High Caliber Festival and canceled due to “negative online feedback and multiple violent threats from the festival attendees”.

The merch issue is a big one to his fans. Imagine liking an artist and actually ordering his merchandise to then realise it was never going to be delivered. Monxx did that to his fans and even after all the hate he has received some of the merch still hasn’t been delivered.

Another problem is the fake collaborations he teases on Twitter. Artists like Sullivan King, Trampa, Code: Pandorum, Ookay, FuntCase, Tisoki, Bailo and Cookie Monsta have come forward telling everyone. He allegedly contacts some of the producers telling them he’s interested in collaborating. The producers then send him downloadables for the production and he just disappears.

A lot of movements have emerged from all this and the most recent is simply boycotting his shows, no matter what, just like he does. This may be one of the reasons he cancels even more shows.

Monxx is an amazing producer and DJ but the lack of respect for his fans is something that shouldn’t be tolerated. Tell us your opinion below!

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