Marshmello joined forces with one of the biggest pop bands in the music industry, Bastille and released one of the most heard tracks this Summer – Happier – and they have just released one of the most heartbreaking music videos ever.

In fact, the marshmallow head DJ and producer has put a lot of effort into his songs and being one of the fastest growing artists in the dance scene, he has now released the official music video for his biggest single ever and people weren’t expecting to have such a variety of feelings while watching to it.

Taking the viewer through the growth and aging of a little girl, who we can see crying in the beginning of the video, being comforted by her dad when he gives her the cutest puppy.

As the years pass by, the girl feels left out (one of the themes covered by the video is actually bullying in school) and the only thing that makes her happy enough to smile is her little big dog.

The years continue passing by and the unexpected death of her only source of happiness makes whoever is watching the video a huge slap and a punch of mixed feelings. The girl then becomes an adult, with her own children who were also sad until her grandfather gives her a little cute puppy.

This isn’t the first Marshmello music video where the main character feels left out and we can only hope that they have all found happiness.

Watch the video here:

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