Having released plenty of outstanding tracks, the North-American duo, SLANDER, releases yet another single, this time teaming up with RIOT, for a breath-taking collaboration that goes by the name of “You Don’t Even Know Me”.

Released under the so popular Monstercat label, this piece of art rapidly becomes a fan favorite, with hundreds of tweets being sent in support of this fusion of producers, and in support of SLANDER’s upcoming EP, previously announced.

Kayzo, NGHTMRE, Yookie and Crankdat are just some of the names that have met Slander in the studio for some projects, and RIOT now enters the list of collaborations his entrance on it.

The track avoids the expected dubstep heavy bass, instead, it takes a different route, through an emotional, melancholic path.

The melodic vocals fill the atmosphere up with this wonderful feeling,  and then it reaches an unexpected emotional drop that will give you goosebumps. RIOT’s touch comes into play mostly on the second drop, as the song rises, until it becomes this beautiful mayhem, turning the track into a wonderful mix, between emotion and headbang.

The track is now available on Spotify and it will hopefully keep you busy while you await their upcoming EP, “The Headbanger’s Ball”, that will be released in close to a month time, in November.

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