Winter festivals are back, and Q-Dance‘s first major event will be the Qlimax that takes place in November in the city of Arnhem, the Netherlands.

To give us some names that will be present in this edition, Q-Dance has given a clue a day, each corresponding to an artist.

Following the clues that they have left us, we have our suspicions that we leave you in the list below:

Day 1: For the first track, it was necessary to visit an article written on the website of Q-Dance, about this challenge they were launching to the fans. According to the producer, the first name would be present in that same article. Soon fans have come to the conclusion that the first confirmation will be B-Freqz, since the group logo appears in the background of a video placed in the article.

Day 2: On the second day of tracks it was necessary to be alert to the music channels of Q-Dance. Then, looking at the playlist “Qlimax 2018” in spotify, fans noticed that it was written the name “Marco”, which in this case may refer to the real name of Phuture Noize, Marco Spronk.

Day 3: For the third day, we were proposed to visit their social networks of the creators of earlier versions of the Qlimax anthem. It turns out that in the same day, Wildstylez decided to share a photograph on his instagram, where we can see him enter the arena Gelredome, where this festival takes place.

Day 4: On the fourth clue, we learned that we can count on a pair … The clue said that two tracks could be found on Qlimax social networks. Curiously, the pair of twins Sound Rush made a small appearance in the instagram of the festival, and everything was even more certain when the brothers appeared to use merchandise of the festival.

Day 5: For the last clue so far, many of the fans have picked up their paper and pen, ready to aim. In this challenge, it was necessary to listen to Q-Dance Radio between 5pm and 6pm. After writing the names of all the tracks that played during that hour, one after the other, the fans realized that they gave rise to the name “Tweekacore”. But, according to social networks, this confirmation did not make the fans very happy.

Unfortunately these are only suspicious, and nothing we write is officially confirmed. But it was a pretty smart move by Q-Dance and hopefully the full lineup will be revealed briefly.


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