ID” is the most recent collaboration between Boombox Cartel and Flosstradamus. It’s a mix between latin vibes the heavy trap we’re used to from the ones involved in the project. It’s finally here. The much awaited track is ready to be played all around the world.

The song starts off with a really chilled beat, almost as if we’re actually listening to hip-hop. When the buildup starts the melody starts to emerge and it’s right here we can tell Boombox Cartel had a saying in the project. The latin vibes are a distinct characteristic of the duo created back in 2012 by the mexican and the north american producers.

The first drop consists of the melody we’ve heard before and some powerful basses making it an absolute banger.
After the drop ends we can rest and get ready for the unexpected second one. The buildup is the same as before, only this time we don’t get trap. For the first part it’s a massive psytrance frenzy, which is new coming from these artists, and then it goes back to the trap just like in the first drop.

The song was released on Mad Decent, the Los Angeles based label created by Diplo.

We hope to see more from the producers, mainly Flosstradamus since he has been pretty quiet the past few months.

You can listen to “ID” below:

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