The much awaited album by the dutch producer is finally here to take you on a journey, not only a journey through Dance Music but also through post-rock, classical and ambient. It’s the first one San Holo releases making it a very special project for him and his fans. It came out on “bitbird”, his own label.San Holo

It’s amazing the work Sander van Dijck put into this album. Like he said on Twitter, the best thing about music is that it changes people and after listening to his work over the past few years and comparing it to “album1” you can really feel the change.

San Holo also told us he felt like he wasn’t doing something unique anymore and that he had to “reinvent his sound”. This is the proof that he succeeded.

“album1 is an emotional rollercoaster. It will make you feel down and sad and pick you back up with the next song. It’s refreshing and nostalgic at the same time. It has new elements and old elements. It’s a true masterpiece.

Whenever we talk about San Holo, two things come to our mind: beautiful melodies and his guitar. This is no exception. Melodies make the listener enter a higher state of mind as they lead to where the producer wants. They make you feel sad and melancholic and they might also remind you “brighter days” are yet to come.

The dutch producer still pointed out on Twitter that he wants people to listen to the album and create their own memories and stories. No song is about any specific event, but instead about how you may feel about life itself in certain situations. The listener is the one that interprets the music like he wants to.

San Holo’s work is transversal to music genres, people’s culture and perhaps humanity. Everyone has feelings and they are very well explored through 12 beautiful songs that will make you look back in life or point you forward making you realize that what lays ahead is magnificent.

The first song and the last song work like a curtain. When it opens, with “everything matters (when it comes to you)” you get this sense of euphoria and it prepares you to what’s coming. “vestal avenue” (vestal meaning pure) is the ending of a beautiful show. It makes you look back to what you just heard and lets all of it sink in.

We really advise you to listen to the album fully, in the order it was presented to you:

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