Dutch DJ/Producer Wiwek is launching a new label called MAHAVANA, to support new talent and release more of that sweet jungle terror sound.

The “Godfather of Jungle Terror” needs no introduction at this point. A proud member of the Barong Family, he has released tracks under OWSLA, Spinnin’ Records and more. And with collabs with HardwellValentino KhanGTA, Skrillex and many others, Wiwek is no stranger to any self-called bass-head.

You might say “but Daniel, he already had a label called Rimbu Recordings”. And although that is true, the last official release of Rimbu Recordings on Beatport was from 2015, which is quite a long time in the dance music world. So it would be safe to assume that Rimbu Recordings is quite dead at this point.

This new project however, intends to support new talent based on a completely new platform. Wiwek himself has more experience, a bigger fan base, and access (we assume) to way more labels and ways of recruiting artists than before. It is only a logical step then.

The announcement was made yesterday over Wiwek’s social media pages:

Welcome to the launch of my label MAHAVANA

As most of my early followers know, I started Rimbu Recordings in 2012 as a way to get my music out there, because no label wanted to sign my crazy music. I put the label on standby mode when the whole digital age of releasing music started to change, when streaming platforms started to take over from digital downloads. I got the chance to sign with my favorite labels and they helped me a lot with developing my profile.

Over the years I have learned, grown and figured out which direction I wanted to go. MAHAVANA is Sanskrit for “big forest” a.k.a “jungle”. The forest represents freedom to me. This is how my journey will continue.”

We here at Wide Future wish nothing but the best for Wiwek, his label and any other future endeavour.

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