By the will of the district president of New South Wales, Australia, the Defqon.1 festival will not happen again in that country. This will comes as a result of the death of two people in this year’s edition, which took place yesterday, on the 15th.

Around 30 000 people celebrated the 10th anniversary of the festival, however not the whole environment was party. Australia is one of the countries with zero tolerance for drug use, and often random people are chosen to be fully screened to prevent any type of drug being used at the festival.

In this issue, about 700 people had to receive medical care, and unfortunately two people lost their lives, while 30 are in serious condition at the hospital due to drug abuse.

It is for this reason that the president wants Defqon.1 never to happen again and that his entourage will do what is necessary to make it happen:

“It is an unsafe event and I will do everything I can to make this event stop happening in our country!”

Berejiklian does not intend to impose any type of drug test, since it ensures that there is no type of drug that should be consumed.

“There are no” safe “drugs. Drug testing is not a solution, it’s giving the go-ahead for drug use! “

We regret that these deaths have happened and hopefully there will be a solution for the festival to continue to happen safely.

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