Once again Martin Garrix and Justin Mylo collaborate on a new song in partnership with AXE.

It’s not new the collaborations between Martin Garrix and Justin Mylo are very good and once again they have been together, and they have released “Burn out” that already has more than 400,000 views on YouTube in a few hours.

In an unusual video but fun and recorded in a laundry room everything starts calm until the music gains rhythm and the whole environment becomes a great party and with the voice in charge of Dewain Whitmore. The video, however, is not in vain as it is a partnership with the famous brand of deodorants Axe.

After the success of “Ocean” with Khalid, “High On Life” with Bonn and “Born out” this time will continue its success and this time was chosen the young DJ Justin Mylo to make the collaboration that is no longer new.

Justin Mylo was boosted through music released in 2015, “Bouncybob”, by Martin Garrix in which also participated Mesto. From there he gains a new visibility and participate in some of the great festivals in the world. The video was released through the official Martin Garrix channel on Youtube.

Below you can hear the new track “Burn out”

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