Surprising everyone with a brand-new EP, “sad dubstep boy” also known as Ray Volpe takes his fans on an emotional trip with his latest project.

Going by the name of “All Emotion Allowed” the title serves as a pretty good description of the route taken by the tracks. Having released “No Emotion Allowed” earlier this year, Ray Volpe shows a will to turn things around, taking an emotive direction with this most recent EP.

It is fairly short however this is a great example of quality above quantity as the tracks are absolutely stunning, with “Without You” having this journey like vibe, before reaching a vocal melodic drop. Together with Devin & Lydia, this is an outstanding track, to say the least.

These are not really the type of heavy drops that fans are accustomed to, but it was received with open arms, with fans rejoicing in the beautiful melodies.
Worth a Try” is the second and final track of the EP, and with Aviella’s vocals, the track becomes this celestial paradise. This one is a more relaxed in comparison to “Without You”, giving the listener the opportunity to focus mainly on the vocals and the melody.

Being the absolute opposite to the previously released EP, “All Emotion Allowed” is a delight to the ears so you should listen to it!

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