A few days ago we announced that Hard Dance Portugal was going to organize another edition of We Love Hardstyle, and now they just announced the headliner of the fourth edition.

First of all, the event producer confirmed another name, the dutch dj Ampyre. He is part of Hard Music Records and has been producing hardstyle since 2012. On his Facebook page, the DJ showed that he is proud to play in this edition. You can see his post and follow more about the DJ here.

And after being challenged by the organization, fans got the necessary number of shares for the headliner to be revealed.

This time it will be the duo Shockwave to liven up the night. Directly from Netherlands, they are the newest members of Scantraxx Family. More recently, they saw the big Headhunterz supporting they two new tracks in an episode of Hard With Style.

We had the chance to talk with the duo and ask what they expect from the portuguese crowd, and what we could expect from their perfomance:

“We’ve spoken with a few artists who’ve been in Portugal and they all say the portuguese crowd is amazing, with a lot of energy. So that’s the kind of what we’re expecting. We’re going to bring the real Shockwave sound to Portugal. We don’t want to say too much about it because you’ll have to experience yourself. Expect our own tracks, older but also brand new ones, and of course a lot of energy with an euphoric twist!”

Do not forget that a contest is still taking place in the event page on Facebook so that you can also performe in this long awaited fourth edition of We Love Hardstyle.

The ticket reservations are already open so be quick to grab your early ticket at a reduced price.


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