After the reveals of PT. 1 of the new album of Bro Safari and UFO! They reveal the next part of their album of another world with different sensations.

Bro Safari and UFO! are back with an album that has given that to speak, in a collaboration in which they join two styles that end up being completed and with different melodies. This album will surprise a lot of people since it ends up by mixing several types of sonorities that sometimes is unusual to hear, but that fits perfectly in this album.

The album begins with “N.U.M.B.” and then we know what we can find. It was very well used by Bro Safari and OFU!, and different, the use of forest sounds showing a darker side and with several “breaks” that make the music even more mysterious but good.

It follows “Inaccessible” with a mysterious voice announces the beginning and in which feels something “deeper” with multiple voices that are appearing throughout the music. The songs that follow continue in the same lineage of the previous ones being the last “WAMF” more “aggressive” but showing that it will give much to speak.

Listen below the album of Bro Safari and UFO!

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