Portuguese talent DJ Ride has had several projects and ideas over the past 10 years behind the decks, but this one of the most original and creative ever.

With many champion titles under his belt and even with the title of world champion in 2011 as Beatbombers with Stereossauro, Ride has always been one of the best at what he does and one of the biggest talents in Portugal.

Now he decided to create a movement and joined two of the things he likes the most, iconic places, such as monuments and other famous historical sights, and obviously music. With this new project he hopes to accomplish one simple purpose: ‘pay tribute to iconic places and scratch some of my favourite tracks outside the studio. To feel inspired and create music in different ways.’ .

Having this in mind, these new DJ Ride Scratch Locations episodes will not only show the world some of the most amazing places he visits but will also bring us some new techniques and skills that the Portuguese artist has been working on and it is also a way for the DJ himself to find inspiration and prove what he really can do.

This first episode takes place in the beautiful Mosteiro da Batalha and you can watch it here.

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