Looks like N-Vitral and Radical Redemption were satisfied with the success of ‘Hover Through Hell’ and they will collaborate in a track once again.

After almost a year of the releasing of their track together, they are again in the studio working on a new collab. In his instagram, N-Vitral shared a photo with Radical Redemption with the caption “We will bite you in the face like Hannibal Lecter”, which may be part of the lyrics of this new track.

The two dj’s released their track “Hover Through Hell” when Radical Redemption released his previous album “The Road to Redemption” and with the announcement of the new solo event “Command and Conquer” and a new album, maybe they are trying to replicate what they did in their first collab, which already has 30,000 views on youtube, and release it in this new album.

N-Vitral is used to work with DJ’s from other harder styles, since he has also a collaboration with Jack of Sound, and with other dj’s that are different from his style.

The released date of this collaboration is not yet known, but if it will be present in the Radical Redemption’s album, the release event will be on November 3rd, but in the meantime you can here the previous collab here.

“We’ll Bite You in the Face Like Hannibal Lecter” ?@radicalredemption

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