Last 14th and 15th of August marked a new step to Electronic Dance Music in Portugal and Solaris Sunset Empire amazed the Algarve and the whole country with one of the biggest lineups for a first edition sunset.

This time we asked an attendee about his experience, what he enjoyed, what he thought could be better and this is what he had to say:

The name itself is pretty much unknown, but don’t let that fool you. Solaris Sunset Empire has everything it needs to be as successful as RFM SOMNII: a beach that can fit more than 100 thousand people, a beautifully designed and equipped stage, plentifulness of drinks and food stalls (including a fresh ‘out-of-the-oven’ pizza shop), and a crystal blue water beach with a cheap supply of water sports.

Did it reach the 100 thousand people it deserved? Not even close. Perhaps because it had been their first edition, or the publicity hadn’t been sufficient. Whatever reason it may have been, that’s a discussion for the event’s management team, we’re here to talk about the experience, and, oh boy, it was a great one!

The festival has that ‘sunset party’ vibe in it, you can feel it from the moment you step inside its perimeter walls. You get inside, walk down to the wet sand and dive in the warm blue waters of the southern coast. You almost forget you’re inside a festival and that, hours later, there would be world renowned DJ’s playing just for you. As the sun approaches the horizon, the speakers get louder, the DJs playing are more famous than their predecessors, and the environment gets more intense by the minute.

It’s time to crack one open with the lads (*sips on a nice Portuguese Lager*), sit on our beach towels and enjoy the most of Kungs’ set. His live set was misleading, though! Soon enough, we had thousands of grains of sand on our towels. His calm and upbeat tunes were there, but his ‘house’ style soon got infected with surprisingly awesome drops, which made it impossible to sit around on our towels. A perfect surprise before Fedde Le Grand.

Fedde Le Grand came and rocked the house. An amazing set of singles, a well-coordinated use of CO2 and fireworks, a few dancers and a cheering crowd made this concert something out of one of TomorrowLand’s secondary stages.

The sun had set hours before the greatest name came on stage. Sober and cold, I was ready to put on a light jacket when a peculiar mysterious anime begins to play on the screens of the Solaris stage. The scene is interrupted and the KSHMR introduction starts to roll out – screams and high pitched whistles take the crowd by storm. Theatrical and artsy as ever, KSHMR put on a singular show like he always does! Every once in a while, he would stop the show to keep the anime going. He knew those seconds were necessary to give us a break to carry on partying, he knew it damn well. Energy, art and mindblowing drops mark his performance. A truly magical moment, the only way to end the first day.

Gonçalo Custódio

After reading this positive review about this major Portuguese event, we can only hope for an even better edition in 2019.



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