The last edition of Q-BASE takes place next month, and this year, who was responsible for creating the anthem was Atmozfears. The anthem is now available to be heard.

Thus, the DJ will be known as the last Dj to produce the anthem of this festival, since Q-Dance previously announced that the festival will not count on more editions.

Despite this, it has not yet been announced which will be the festival that will replace Q-BASE, but as we announced here previously, the company is producing a new concept that will expand to new horizons.

This year’s edition takes place on September 8 and tickets are still available for purchase here.

Through a video on the YouTube channel of Q-Dance, Atmozfears showed some of the moments of the creation of this theme and in that same video he describes it as being a melancholy theme:

“I tried to give it the real Q-BASE underground sounds, with an Atmozfears twist. This is such a big honor for me and I hope you will enjoy this track as much as I enjoyed creating it.”

The dj still confessed that he does not like to be inspired by other hardstyle dj’s, to keep his essence, and that he likes to listen to Drum & Bass and lots of POP music. The Q-BASE festival was the first major festival where Atmozfears stepped into the mainstage and this makes it even more special for him to be responsible for this amthem.

The Final Mission anthem is now available for download and stream on the Q-Dance website.

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