That’s right many of us were already waiting this album since Disciple and Barely Alive themselves had start teasing it on the social media. And damn it worth it. Odyssey is now out and it’s a pleasure to the ears.

For two weeks Disciple and Barely Alive kept teasing the album by releasing “Odyssey“, an huge instrumental track featuring some 90’s detuned synths and drums, which reminds us of old videogames we used to play back in the days. And then it just hit us in the face with that heavy bass that keep us headbanging all the drop.

Then the 3rd August Disciple just shared “Deeper In Love” with Great Good Fine Ok which is a bit more funky and not dubstep related at all, it’s like a break from everything else, and it gives you time to breath and keep energy for heavier tracks.

The 5th August Disciple shared “New Coupe / Ride Out” with Iamsu, a track way different from the genre but which shows the “Odyssey” this album is. A really cool hip-hop track that had so much success through Twitter that they even shared the acapella if people would like to give it a try and remix it.

The 9th august they’ve hit us with “Warrior” an awesome drum and bass track like the oldest DnB tunes you’ve used to listen.

The 11th and 12th august they released “Shutdown” and “War Of The Worlds“, a heavy riddim track and a track we would like to hear at a Zelda game or something.

Our favorite is without a doubt “Odyssey” and “Devil’s Tower”, “Odyssey” for the amazing synth and melody work, and “Devil’s Tower” for the heavy synth bass and drums work, which sounds more bass house in the first drop and more trap-ish in the second drop.

The only thing we can say for sure about this album is that we were waiting Barely Alive to come with some huge tracks but this album is beyond amazing.

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