Last Sunday, August 12th, happen the one that can be considered the second edition of this year’s Brunch Electronik, in Tapada da Ajuda. The supposed 2nd edition, which would feature Amelie Lens, was canceled, as we announced here.

However, everything returned to normal this week and we were able to count on a sunny Sunday, which allowed this edition of brunch to happen. The afternoon began with the set of Mafalda, who gave music to the visitors as they took advantage of the excellent brunch space to sunbathe, enjoy a cool drink and relax.

Then came the German Perel (Live), which began to pull more from the audience, and then we could observe that the space began to get fuller, since those who used to be in the lounge chairs of the place were at this time getting up to enjoy the set of the German DJ in full.

At the end of the afternoon who took the stage was the Italian Dj Tennis, who played for two hours, giving the mood for the great performance of the night that would be John Digweed.

John’s sets are known worldwide and this was noticed in the Brunch, since everyone delirious throughout the set. The evening continued with an after party that took place in Terreiro do Paço.

The Brunch Electronik once again proved to be a very enjoyable event as it is also frequented by several families. For this reason there is an area called “Petit Brunch” with activities so that everyone can have fun in their own way, with inflatables, workshops, table football, among others.

This is also a very environmentally friendly event because it promotes the reuse of plastics, offering visitors € 1 for each plastic cup returned and € 0.50 for each plastic bottle. It is also an event that gives support and consideration to the LGBT community.

The next event will take place on August 19th, and will be a small presentation of Label DEKMANTEL, counting with the presence of Ruuar, Dekmantel Sound System, Palm Trax and Motor City Drum Ensemble.

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