It’s time to throw your X up because the day where Excision releases his new album,”Apex”, has finally come! The bass music legend had announced this album a while ago and after a long and tough wait, it’s here for everyone to enjoy.

Starting things off with Excision’s trademark bass, “Exterminate”, really gives the album a hectic start. However, this LP features more melodic, beautiful and relaxing tracks. This is the case of the previously released collaboration with Illenium, “Gold (Stupid Love)” that was greeted with great love from the community. Another example of this would be “Wake Up” that works almost as a perfect fusion between a more melodic track and Excision’s heavy bass.

The album holds 14 unbelievable tracks, and amongst them are some mind-blowing collaborating names such as Sullivan King, Dion Timmer, and Space Laces, that give this album a diverse feel. His tracks together with Dion Timmer were long awaited, especially “Home”, and it turned out to be different from anything we’ve heard before and could ever expect. Not featuring Excision’s heavy bass, it starts under the form of a beautiful melody and vocals, and if people were to describe this collaboration, nothing could be more accurate than saying that it sounds mesmerizing and unbelievable.

The two collaborations with Sullivan King are everything we could ever expect with both artist’s signature sounds being present, we can say that they sound beautiful together.

Now with Lost Lands just around the corner you better get mentally and physically prepared to hear these bangers get played live. Listen to Apex down below.

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