The day where the brand-new collaboration between Kayzo and Gammer drops is finally here and oh my! What a banger it is! “Forever” has been part of both artist’s live performances for a while but only today has it been officially released.

The track is everything you could expect from these two artists that have quite some history together. Gammer, mostly known for his happy hardcore roots, merges perfectly with Kayzo’s energetic melodies and drops, creating thus for an outstanding and it really seems impossible not to jump, dance or headbang to.

Kayzo has had a dream-like 2018, having released early into the year, his debut album Overload, performing for the first time at Lollapalooza, fulfilling this way one of his dreams, launching his radioshow called “Doghouse Radio”, and setting foot in Portugal to perform for the very first time in our country at EDP Beach Party in Porto.

Gammer has released a brand-new track just 10 days ago under the Monstercat Label, and his track “The Drop” has been played at every single show consistently, even managing to take a spot on the list of the 10 tracks that were most played at Ultra Music Festival 2018.

In what comes to both working on tracks together, “Frequency”, “Over The Edge” and some remixes make the list, showing that they both enjoy working together. And honestly, everyone hopes these collaborations won’t ever stop, as the outcome is always mindblowing.

Now brace yourselves, crank the speakers and rejoice to the sound of “Forever” by Kayzo and Gammer:

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