After 11 years of the success of Cascada’s “Everytime We Touch” song, Hardwell and Maurice West decided to bring this track back, giving it a modern remix.

This song became a hit in 2007, as its lyrics became addictive to those who listened to it, which made everyone know it by heart, and sang it at the top of its lungs when it was played.

That’s why, after more than a decade, Hardwell and Maurice West decided that this would be a good song to do a remix together. Adding a new rhythm, the music went on to send even more energy to those who always loved the original version, which please the fans, since the dj’s were able to kept the essence of the Cascada version.

Despite the changes that the remix presents, the melody and the message that is present is exactly the same as the original, which means that until now the public feedback has been very positive.

Hardwell presented this remix in Tomorrowland, and with the combination of sounds and fireworks that accompanied it, the music gained a new meaning, leaving the audience surprised.


You can hear the full version of this remix here, and tell us if you also love this new rhythm.

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