The Pasteleira Park, in Oporto, received the first edition of the Elétrico Festival. It was a weekend with good weather in the emblematic park of Foz providing the public with spectacular sunsets and pleasant evenings.

Of note was the presence of globally requested names such as Honey Dijon, Delano Smith, Zip, Sonja Moonear, Nightmares On Wax, Larry Heard and Mr. White. More than a festival, a concept, this was the idea that was well established for those who made their presence at the festival. Alongside the music there was space for Tibetan Buddhism practices, artistic exhibitions, and at its rhythm a mural was graffiti.

The musical setting was close to perfect, as was the alignment of the artists. Fulfilling the expectations, alternative sounds, artists eagerly awaited on Portuguese soil, standing out this way from other festivals already existing. With Maestro Gusta-vo on the first day in the early afternoon, it was also a highlight Delano Smith who brought with him the techno of Detroit, and in closing the so energetic and awaited Honey Dijon.

On the second day to open with a back to back, 100% Portuguese Diana Oliveira and Vasco Valente, artists with strong connection between each other and Industria Club. Passing later by the cabin was the giant Zip, one of the founders of Perlon, ending with Sonja Moonear that also provided good moments, highlighting the moment of enormous euphoria that awakened everyone with the “Answering Machine” by Green Velvet.The final day was marked by the cancellation of the much acclaimed Peggy Gou, but with the promise of returning soon.

The biggest highlight goes to the live act of Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers with Mr. White with a huge interaction with the public as well as the english George Evelyn better known as Nightmare on Wax. The great closure could not have been magnificent if it did not fall into the hands of one of the best national artists, the master Rui Vargas, that with vinyl on vinyl made everyone forget that Peggy had canceled, closing the festival with a performance of great class.

The opinion is unanimous, the Elétrico festival has a different line from all others, end up enriching and energizing the city of Porto, as well as the rest of the country. For all ages, and with a large number of foreigners, it is a great choice as far as event location is concerned. It should be noted that for a first edition, there is nothing to point to the organization of this event and so we can believe in a very laughable future for this project.

See you next year.

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