It’s been almost four months since we heard about the allegations of sexual assault from Datsik, which caused him to lose his label, his management and his carrer. He also left the duo Ephwurd, that he shared with Bais Haus.

In March, after the allegations, Haus announced:

Ephwurd will now operate without Datsik.

And now, he just released his first song since Datsik left the group. This new track it’s called “Everywhere I Go”, and had nothing to do with the Ephwurd that we all know. The song does not contain any bass house, and that’s why we can conclude that a new Ephwurd has begun.

Bais Haus also wrote a letter to his fans where he said he was really heartbroken with the allegations:

Within hours after the news broke, everything we worked so hard to build had completely fallen apart. Shows were canceled, new music was shelved, and several good, hard-working people behind the scenes lost their jobs as the business of Ephwurd came to a grinding halt. It was heartbreaking.

We both poured five years’ worth of blood, sweat and tears into building Ephwurd. We were proud of what we’d accomplished, excited about the music we were making and psyched about the possibilities on the horizon.

And then the whole thing just STOPPED.

He also said to his fans that after he loose his father, those days where the hardest he ever faced. He continues saying that music is supposed to be a positive force in his life, and that’s why he didn’t give up:

If you think things will be different, you’re right. As an artist, I’m always striving to evolve and with that comes new sounds and styles. I want to challenge myself and explore new ideas. So with that in mind, today I’m releasing “Everywhere I Go” the first of several new tracks.

We hope that Ephwurd continues to release a lot of music, so everyone can still support him in this new journey.

You can read the full letter here.

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