After a few time without any news, Jauz finally announced, through Twitter, the full name of is next album and also his release date.

Back in march Jauz announced the album, with 17 tracks:

My resolution for 2018 is all about giving you guys the most raw, honest, real version of Jauz and myself that there is. No more cheesy social media posts, TONS of music, coming out as fast as I can make it, and sets that will help introduce new, fresh, weird music to people who might not hear it otherwise. And to start it off right, there’s an album coming.

And now, he finally announced that the album will be called “The Wise and The Wicked” and has its release date set for August 31st, which means we only need to wait a month.

He has already released collabs with ExampleDJ SnakeSnails, and LAZER LAZER LAZER, and Kiiara, that will be part of the album. Also, he tell the fans that the last single from the album will be coming soon, which means we can almost predict the full album.

Embora o álbum possa parecer um pouco atrasado, uma vez que ele já o anunciou há 5 meses, achamos que pode valer a pena esperar.

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