One of the main aspects needed to keep up with the lifestyle of being an artist is no doubt the mental and physical health, and Elohim granted the world a bit of her time to open on her own secrets, with the hope of helping those who might need.

Elohim took to Instagram on a recent post to show the world the rough times she went through a year ago, with a very deep caption regarding her health at the time.

“I was at my worst mentally and couldn’t really stomach food physically”

A statement that will without a doubt have an influence in her many fans, and that goes to show that everyone can be affected by something similar.

this was one year ago. looks cool but all I see is a very unhealthy human. I was at my worst mentally and couldn’t really stomach food physically. I needed help but would convince myself on good days I didn’t.. mostly because I was scared.. and I thought it meant I was weak if I couldn’t handle life on my own. two months after this photo was taken and one tour later I got pneumonia. I was in bed for two months and couldn’t stand up with out help for weeks . that was my weird blessing in disguise wake up call moment. As soon as I was well enough physically i got proper help mentally. I started an ssri medication and it changed my life. this is worst case scenario.. but for me, it got that bad. I had the choice to continue living miserably or try something that would potentially help me live my life to the fullest. don’t be afraid to get help.. or be afraid but face that fear. It can change your life. I have gained healthy weight since and I have so much energy now. I feel like a strong WOMAN! But most importantly I am HAPPY! H A P P Y ! Incredible! I still have weird days here and there but those days just remind me I am still human. Although my body to some might look skinny and nice here, i see someone that was very sick mentally and physically. Vitamins, food, sleep, therapy, exercise, love, and meditation help so much. But medication is there if you truly need it and it isn’t something to be embarrassed about . I know I talk about this stuff a lot but I also see the messages I am sent everyday. I read them and it amazes me how many of you go through exactly what I go through. It’s painful. You are my best friends you are the only people that really get me. So I thank YOU. from the bottom of my heart. you make life as a human alien less lonely. Here’s to health. I love you

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Nowadays, artists can have a very important and powerful impact in other people’s lives, and Elohim’s empowering message moved her fans, who described her as courageous, tough and inspiring.

The artist has been working hard all year, releasing her projects, and as many know, earlier this year, she worked with Ekali and Medasin to create one of the most beautiful tracks out there, “Forever”.

Her vocals are breath-taking, so if you haven’t already, make sure to listen to her tracks, which will for sure make you shiver in delight. Here’s a start, this is “Forever” together with Ekali and Medasin!


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