Once again DJ BL3ND surprised his fans by releasing another great song in the style that has already accustomed us and that promises to make a lot of people dance.

One of the world’s most famous DJs with his famous mask is back and this time DJ Bl3ND has joined HAUZ RAIDER (aka Megagone) for the release of the track “Beast Mode”. The traditional dubstep is in the veins of the American DJ who shares all his energy with the fans, whom he affectionately calls BL3NDERS, and manages to transmit this energy in every song he produces.

His career took a big boost when the Dj started making his first Club Mix and that’s where he got most of his fans. Its evolution was quite noticeable, which allowed DJ BL3ND to release his first single “Xception”, in collaboration with StarKillers.

Since then, Bl3nd has been a regular presence at various festivals and even finalist trips, which take place in various parts of the world. In addition, he created his own radio show called “Loko Radio” about a year ago, and already has 7 volumes.

The song was released today, July 23, on the label Loko Sound, founded by DJ BL3ND, and you can listen to it below:

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