The new song released by the dutch duo Moksi promises to give that talk this summer with a great voice.

If there is something that Moksi has already habituated us was his peculiar style that makes us move and once again did not leave it aside and launch “Sranger” with the voice of Feliciana. A song totally with “summer vibe“, no doubt to listen and repeat.

Accustomed to a different style, with low vocal parts, they knew how to take advantage of Feliciana’s voice and show what they can do and show their versatility, creating a contagious theme. This time “Stranger” was released through the label Spinnin Records.

The Dutch duo thus shows another song that joins other great successes that have had previously and with the most varied artists. One of Moksi’s most recent appearances was in the new album of Yellow Claw, “New Blood.”

They became better known through the mixtapes, at the time released by the Yellow Claw that ended up giving another projection to the Moksi duo. From that time, they began to evolve more and more, getting to collaborate with Hardwell (“Powemove“), Chocolate Puma (“HIPPO“) D.O.D. (“Higher“) among others. Not forgetting also, the various remixes that the duo made throughout their existence.

For now you can hear below your new track “Stranger”

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