The long-awaited EP that we all asked for is finally here as Figure finally released “Heartbeat of Hell”, an outstanding 4 track EP, that will make everyone jump out of their seats.

Josh Gard, known in the Bass Music scene as Figure, went deep into detail to make sure that these tracks were flawless, and succeeded. From energetic build ups leading up to the most hectic of drops, to haunted like melodies, they will for sure make all the headbangers break their necks.

Figure is known to be an enthusiast for horror movies such as Nightmare on Elm Street, and Friday the Thirteenth, so it is no surprise seeing the EP be released on an actual Friday the 13th, giving it an even spookier, more terrifying feel.

The first track is the previously released “Death is Walking“, a track that starts with a very trippy arp and mysterious vocals, building up to an extremely heavy drop, making for an unbelievable start to this EP. The song that follows is probably the main one from this project, considering it shares the same name as the EP itself, “Heartbeat of Hell”. Launching with a creepy melody resembling a horror movie, the track grows until it reaches a beautiful drop filled with growls, waking up everyone’s bass face.

Mean Man is the 3rd track and no words for this track. With its very catchy melody it will get everyone hooked just 2 seconds into it, and when it reaches the end of the build-up, everyone is already expecting a banger of a drop. The breakdown takes it to a whole another level.

His collaboration with Hi I’m Ghost is the last track of the EP, a track that will give you chills and make your headbanging personality come to life. “Fe Fi Fo Fum” is what the vocals keep repeating along the track, with a very creepy yet intriguing vocal, with a guitar riff to start the track, an energetic build up and a crazy drop, this one is a contender for best dubstep track.

Released under Never Say Die, Figure had announced this EP for a long time and it’s easy to understand why it took a while. All four tracks are amazing, and they will definitely feature in all headbangers playlists.

You can listen to Heartbeat of Hell right here:

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