Our Summer Tour made it’s way back to Portugal, more accurately to Figueira da Foz, and digging and creating its roots deep on the sand was RFM Somnii. On this 7th edition of the Festival, we were greeted with arguably the best and most ambitious lineup so far. Little did we know that this 3-day festival would turn out to be as good as it actually was.

Located at the “Praia do Relogio” (Which translates to Clock Beach in English), it is right next to the heart of Figueira Da Foz, making for very easy access. The location is absolutely beautiful and the weather helped the process, with these being 3 very warm and sunny days, but with an often breeze that allowed for somewhat of a cooldown.There were a North and a South entrance, where you first had to pass security. This made us immediately feel safe at ease, with the security’s search being pretty decent, not letting any dangerous objects in. Once you made it past, you had to make your way to the actual entrance where they would scan your tickets and bracelets. The entrance organization was top notch.

The opening act spot was taken by Portuguese Rising Star Deepblue, who was followed by the 19-year-old, Curbi, who made it’s very debut to the Portuguese crowd on this stage. The sun started to set as Tom Staar was playing until it started finding harder sounds with GTA and surprisingly Quintino who showed us his heavier side. The two headliners were Yellow Claw, who made sure to show their love for their Barong Family with an unforgettable 1-hour set. Halfway through we were blessed with GTA joining Yellow Claw on stage, a wonderful sight to see. The mysterious and masked hardcore legend, Angerfist followed up, with 1h30 of absolute madness. To close the stage on all three days were RFM Radio DJ’s Rich & Mendes. You can catch a short and beautiful after movie right here.

? @yellowclaw provou que o céu não é o limite para o #RFMSOMNII! Esta é ou não a tua praia? ?

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With little to no time to recover from this hectic day, we were off to the next one. Opening day two and with the opportunity of a lifetime was the young talent Artix, who was followed by a man with plenty of love for our country, Gregor Salto. Keeping the good vibes and groovy sounds going, were Chocolate Puma, bringing us the best sounds. Moksi made us switch it with their return to Portuguese stages, and Ummet Ozcan followed, taking us on a journey through the years and genres. It was then time for the headliners, and hitting the stage, were 2/3 of the Swedish House Mafia, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, who made many in the crowd cry, smile, and dance, with their unbelievable music. Finally, it was time for a Brain Freeze with Slushii making everyone go wild with his very peculiar style of music, future bass and a lot of dubstep.

Finally off for day 3, a day that started out with Low Mak, a Portuguese upcoming DJ and then for the longest set of this RFM Somnii was Corey James with a 2-hour set. Taking us on a groovy and progressive trip, he made sure that every track was spot on, on a set that will stay in the memory of all those that witnessed it. Garmiani then hit the stage for his first time in Portugal, and he kept the good vibes going until it was time for Brooks, to bring his future house to the Portuguese crowd. Long awaited Alan Walker made his debut in Portugal, and everyone seems to have loved singing Faded at the top of their lungs. Referred by many as God, Steve Angello, made everyone Rejoice, and brought tears to many fans eyes with a breathtaking set, completing this way the missing 3rd of Swedish House Mafia in this beautiful weekend. Barong Family Cesqeaux was the last headliner of this year’s edition and brought his characteristic sounds, making his fans very happy.

Now taking a look at the more technical things, that are in any way less relevant. Sound, Visuals, Food & Beverages and Accessibility.
When it comes to the sound system, we have nothing to point out, as it was absolutely flawless, the sound was pure and clean, little to no bass distortion. It was well-distributed thanks to the fair amount of speakers, with a main system around the stage and two speaker towers halfway into the crowd, to allow for the sound to be heard everywhere. Outside noises wouldn’t interfere. Word from the DJ’s was that the booth sound system was also top notch, it was clean and perfectly balanced.

Unfortunately, the visuals did not live up to expectation, with little to no lasers, and the stage in itself is a bit bland, the videos and quality of them. Pyrotechnics, on the other hand, were on point, with plenty of fireworks, smoke, and fire, they sure took some performances to the next level.

All sets were perfectly on time, with RFM Somnii showing that punctuality is a key aspect, though on the first day there was an incident with Tom Staar, but nothing too major.
Food & Beverages were quite average, not a large amount of choice on what comes to food, with prices being very high (5€ for a kebab). Drinks were also quite expensive, not so much for beers and other beverages, but for a festival that takes place mainly during the afternoon, paying 2,50€ a bottle of water is very expensive. Other than that prices seemed correct for a festival.
Transportation to RFM Somnii was fairly easy, as the train station was just 15-minute walk away, car access was possible much like bus access was. No shuttle was needed as no one seemed to complain about accessibility. From what we heard about the Camping Site, it was pleasant, well organized and a great place to make friends.

The Press Access was phenomenal, with almost full access to everything, the staff was really helpful and nice, giving us the oportunity to interview several artists, and explaining us the procedures from the get go. Photographers also saw their job be made easier, as they could access the front of the stage, much like the stage in itself, with just a call of a staff member.
Overall it was an amazing festival, very well organised and by far the best edition to date. The line-up could be compared to other major worldwide festivals, and the experience was outstanding. We had an amazing time and can’t wait for next year’s edition. We definitely recomend to those who missed it, to come to the 2019 edition, and all those who lived this year’s will definitely come back. It was tough saying goodbye but all great things have to end. So until next year RFM Somnii, you were fenomenal! Goodbye Figueira Da Foz!

Thankyou @rfmsomnii ?? that was special

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