Later this month, Combined Music will release a new label called Kobbra. This label will ensure the release of hardstyle but also rawstyle, another style of the genre.

The CEO of the company Combined, Coen Bom justified the need to create the new label:

After the start of our company in April and the launch of our freestyle label ‘Baby’s Back’, we soon acknowledged the need for a hardstyle label. A lot of fans of the former ‘Babyboom’ label (also ran by Combined in the nineties) were somewhat disappointed of the new musical direction of ‘Baby’s Back’. Although we’re gonna stay away from hardcore, we do feel we need to accommodate our fans and get into hard- and rawstyle. Quickly.

The label Kobbra is currently looking for new talent in all parts of the world and the CEO says that one of the first releases of the label will be made by two dj’s from Nicaragua, both very young. For him, the best quality of Combined Music is that it is so global, and can cover so many different styles.
Although some fans think that the harstyle and rawstyle junction can be a bit tricky to manage, Coen explains that this is the reason why the company is called “Combined”:

We don’t believe in building your own musical barriers. All the releases will have some consistancy of course, but Kobbra will be openminded. As long as it’s hard, we want it.

The label is available to receive all types of demos and invites all dj’s to send their work to

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