Author of “Show me Love”, “Carry Me Home” and “Summer on You”, Sam Feldt has taken to Instagram to inform of a very sad event that happened just recently in the artist’s life. The Dutch DJ and Producer who played an unforgettable 1h20 live set this past weekend at EDP Beach Party, was involved in a scooter accident that resulted in Sam Feldt getting hospitalized.

As mentioned in his post, Sam has not only a broken knee but parts of his leg as well which caused for his upcoming events to get canceled as he won’t recover in time for them. He also took his time to apologize to the thousands of fans who had attended Indian Summer Festival in the Netherlands, hoping that they would understand why he couldn’t play.

Sam Feldt saw his career take off with the release of the single “Show Me Love” and never stopped rising ever since. This year he has been on a roll, playing show after show and with the release of “Down for Anything” and “Know You Better” he keeps reminding us of how great of a producer he is.

Fans worldwide showed their love, hoping that he recovers on time for Tomorrowland, but still show great compassion as they prove all they want is for the artist to recover as fast as possible.

Wishing him a fast recovery and hoping to see him hit the mainstage again very soon. In the meantime, why don’t you show some love for his tracks by listening to his tracks on Spotify?

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