Absolutely no doubt lies on the fact that K?d is one of the best producers in the world, creating tracks that are not only mindblowing and chilling, but will lead you to a whole another dimension. Known for his stunning melodies and drops, it seems like the artist decided to push his boundaries, defying once again genres, in an all out amazing track, titled “A.I
The track will give you goosebumps all the way through, with robotic vocals simultaneously playing with a metalic melody, leading up to a beautiful and energetic drop. The track straight up seems to belong in a top-end videogame, with it’s outstanding originality and dynamic vibes.
The 21 year old saw his K?d alias skyrocket thanks to his productions, having quickly transitioned from his bedroom to some of the biggest stages in the world. His mysterious persona and sounds were key factors that helped his growth, wih k’d being an unbelievably talented producer nevertheless.
Varien, Blair and Laurent Gartner are just some of the names that have worked in the past with the very intriguing artist that is, and alongside this release, he also announced a brand new EP, that goes by the name of “Find Paradise“, with a whole tour happening as a consequence of this EP!

Big things are happening in k?d’s career and you won’t want to miss it!

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