Frédérik Durand, known in the electronic Dance Music scene as Snails, makes his return, this time, not with a release, nor with a live set, but with a groundbreaking announcement that looks to be one of the culminant points of the artist’s career!
The Canadian DJ and Producer has pretty much achieved everything in the past 12 months, having released his debut album “The Shell“, played all over the world and delighted every “Vomitsquad” member with his very peculiar yet stunning style of music, He has now gone the extra length as he recently announced the launch of his very own label!

Slugz Music, name that perfectly fits Snails image, comes as a way to bring new artists to the surface and give them the chance to be heard. Not only that, but this will defintely be from here on forward Snails go to record label to launch music in.
The “Vomitstep” mastermind had an unbelievable 2017 a great start to 2018, and these news have made his many thousands of fans very excited, awaiting impatiently for the label’s first release.
As of now, you can keep headbanging with the artist’s debut album, The Shell!

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