One of the world’s biggest DJ’s and Producer’s right now is without a doubt Marshmello, and often following this name are some other top-class ones, such as Lil Peep, Khalid, and Logic. The mysterious Marshmello seems eager to start summer out with an unforgettable single as a couple days ago he tweeted out the following.

That’s right! The author of “Alone” and “Friends” has joined forces with the one and only G-Eazy and Vic Mensa on a track that seems to be an unforgettable one.

Marshmello needs absolutely no introduction as he is one of the world’s fastest-growing names when it comes to the Electronic Dance Music industry and the Mellogang, as are called his fans from all over the world, seemed more than excited for this unbelievable collaboration.

The track is out now and it goes by the name of “Reverse” and what a stunning track it is. The fusion of all three artists is absolutely beautiful and every part fits in perfectly with the next. Mello’ also has been delivering some top class live sets which makes it easy to understand why he is one of the most demanded artists in the world.

So, are you as excited as the rest of the world for what’s more to come?

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