Dj Audiofreq announced in October last year that he needed to take a break because he was not feeling fulfilled. Luckily the DJ decided to return to the studio now, but everything indicates that he is about to change his registration and get out of the hardstyle.

From the time he released his album Audiology, the DJ felt that his work did not fill him emotionally and it was at this point that he decided to take some time for himself and to work on his creativity.

However, a few days ago Audiofreq did a post on his instagram, where he appears in his studio, and informs the fans that he is back where he belongs.

But this may not be great news for all his fans, since in April the dj responded to a fan comment on Twitter, saying that maybe he will not go back to the hardstyle because there is nothing that hold him there. The fan post and the remaining dj responses can be seen here.

According to Audiofreq:

My music is a direct result of a musician trying to fit in a scene and genre where he clearly doesn’t belong, struggling with tired conventions to please an uninterested crowd. And I’m all the more bitter for it.

Now we have to wait to see if the Dj will actually go back to production, and what style it feels best to produce.

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