Someone’s on a roll here, releasing banter stuff after banter stuff. We are obviously talking about the one and only Malaa, as the unknown masked individual released some brand new material, namely a remix of Mercer’s Spinnin Records new hit, “Satisfy“.

Still on the aftermath of the release of the dashing “No Redemption EP” featuring Tchami, and just a few weeks after unveiling a nostalgic flip of Stardust’s “Music Sounds Better With You” alongside Noizu, the mysterious balaclava-wearing man is back at it again with another mad track.

The deep house vibe is, as it’s characteristic of Malaa’s sound, very highlighted on the song, but this time we can see that it’s a bit “less bassy” than usual, being a more groovy house tune. However, it is always nice to see an artist trying new things out, specially if that artist is as cool as Malaa, of course.

We will surely hear this track on Mercer’s sets. Malaa’s fellow Pardon My French crew colleague will perform in Portugal this summer at Summer Sound festival in Portimão, in August, alongside the likes of OfenbachTony Romera, and many more.


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