Third Party’s classic “Everyday of My Life” released under Steve Angello’s imprint Size Records turn 4 years old.

The duo’s rise to the status of Progressive House royalty can only be explained by looking back on their history. Since their inception in 2010, they have been on the forefront of progressive house. Their first claim to fame was a collab with Steve Angello – “Lights” – released back in 2012. Alongside “Lights”, Third Party also released “Feel”, and “Thank You”. This eventually led to the release of one of their greatest hits – “Everyday of My Life” – back in 2014, exactly 4 years ago, which turned Third Party into a household name in today’s dance music world. 

The track made waves in 2014, and “Everyday of My Life” is still a shining beacon in today’s dance music world, and one of the last bastions of the progressive house of yore. It starts out with a background vocal, which slowly rises to the spotlight, along with a natural chord progression. Claps help build up the climax, which in turn leads to a drop with the catchy and emotional melody we know and love.

Although it was released four years ago, “Everyday of My Life” is still in many of our playlists. Enjoy this progressive house gem by giving it a listen in the link down below. 

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