Bear Grillz is probably one of he best at creating heavy Dubstep tracks that get everyone headbanging, and this time he proved ready to take on another challenge as he mixed Dubstep with Heavy Metal. To do so, he teamed up with non other than Sullivan King, one of the best at creating a beautiful fusion of these two genres.

Wicked” is the name of their new track and it features Sullivan King‘s signature guitar riffs, wonderfully combined with Bear Grillz intense and energetic drops. The track is litterally wicked, as they manage to capture every inch of the essence from the two styles, and losing no time as the track rapidly transits to a sick build-up leading to and absolute banger of a drop.

Sullivan King is no rookie to the scene and has been on a mad musical release rampage, with his Come One, Come All EP being released earlier this year.
Bear Grillz also has been having a great year, with “Wicked” being his third release this year.
You can in no way miss hearing this track!

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