It was bound to happen and here it is, the very first collaboration between Tchami and producer trio Brohug! The French DJ and Producer Tchami has been unstoppable in these past months, playing show after show in his No Redemption tour alongside Malaa.

His solo EP Revelations showed us a lighter side of the artist. A perfect example of this would be the beautiful and mesmerizing track, “Adieu”.

Brohug’s talent has not gone unnoticed and there’s no doubt that 2017 was their best year yet. Releasing tune after tune and showing no signs of stopping, the Swedish Trio never ceases to impress.

This collaboration seems absolutely godsent, and it goes by the name of “My Place”. It wonders somewhere between a lighter world and a dark one, featuring Reece’s stunning vocals, on top of a twisted trap rhythm. Also with an energetic build up leading to an unbelievable drop, this track doesn’t lack anything.

The tune was released on Tchami’s very own label – Confession – and you can hear it down below!

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