The australian electronic band RÜFÜS DU SOL are back after two years with a brand new track called ‘No Place‘ ahead of the release of their third album later this year.

After being forced to change their name in the US, ‘No Place’ is the first track after fully adopting the name RÜFÜS DU SOL, having remained under their original name RÜFÜS in their home country until now. Even the vocalist Tyron Lindqvist joked about this matter to Triple J saying they were “sick of the banter between the two characters” and “We wanted them to get along, live under the same roof.” He also confesses that they “don’t really know any other bands that have two names throughout the entire world so it just seemed fitting,”. In general, he says people still call them RÜFÜS.

The band has spent the past year in Venice, California, working on their third album, which is “largely influenced by the stark desert landscapes of California and their experiences on the road,” and are also preparing to get back on the road, with plans for a world tour before arriving back in Australia.

Listen ‘No Place’ on spotify

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