For all the producers out there, this one’s for you! Image Line just released the newest update for the music production software FL Studio, celebrating their twentieth anniversary by surprising everyone else.

Created in 1997, FL Studio is one of the most used softwares by some of the biggest producers and DJs, like Martin Garrix and Porter Robinson.

Known for its intuitive features and quality sounds, with this new update FL is finally officially available both for Windows and Mac. A compatibility that users have been dreaming for 20 years is now a reality and it has never been so easy to share and use projects between the two Operating Systems.

There are many new characteristics in FL Studio 20 that producers can use to make their tracks (which make this new update even better), such as the fact that it now supports multiple time signatures and the fact that it now automatically renders clips to audio, in order to ease the use of the CPU.  There are many other features that producers will be able to use.

Adding its new modern visuals, FL aims to get even better and to make music production accessible to everyone who desires to do it.

If you get a license, you’ll be able to use FL Studio 20 whether on Mac or Windows and if you wish, you can do it here:

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