After much doubt, Jauz has proven that he deserves all the success he has had, since he hasn’t stopped surprising throughout this year. On the mainstage of EDC, he presented the new collaboration with Tisoki.

Recently the Dj has released three collaborations with ExampleDj Snake and Snails, which will be part of his debut album. However, we have also been able to listen to two other collaborations, with Adventure Club and Crandkat.

So far the fans have not yet been able to recognize in the songs of Jauz the melodies that characterize him, like the dubstep sounds. However, this new phase of the Dj also seems to please the general public.

The collaboration with Tisoki is something quite expected, since the style that seems to present goes back to the years in which Jauz was represented by Circus Records, between 2010 and 2012.

Their debut album is also one of the most anticipated, since with the 3 singles that have already been released, we can have an idea of ​​what this album will be. The next four collaborations should be presented in a month or two, although there is no official release date yet. Regarding the name of the album, it has not yet been revealed, nor its release date.

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