Since May16, YouTube began to solve one of the major problems that its users had: it started to provide all the credits related to the video you are watching in terms of music.

From now on you’ll have access to information like the artist, songwriter, producer, editor, label, and all the people involved in the publication, in more than half a billion videos!

This feature that YouTube call “Music in this video” is primarily intended to identify all those who are entitled to receive royalties from the song and that has not happened properly in the videos posted on the website. Likewise, Spotify had implemented an identical function in February of this year when it went on to show details about the tracks to mitigate this problem that those who are usually in the background feel. The difference between these two functions implemented on YouTube and Spotify is that YouTube also provides it in videos that are not of the artists in question, through the Content ID (a portal where the owners can identify their intellectual property on YouTube) and their partnerships with labels, music rights societies, etc.

It is therefore something useful to both parties: users can discover new songs just by clicking on a link given in “Music in this video”, and the YouTube track royalties is best distributed by those involved in their production and distribution.

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