Q – Dance announced today that this will be the final year of the Q-BASE festival. After 15 years the events producer informed the fans of hardstyle that this will be the last edition of the festival that takes place in the air base of Weeze, that was abandoned.

In the farewell text Q-Dance said:

“The first time we visited the air base we were sure: here will be the place where we will make great parties. And so it was, we celebrated from bunker to bunker until the sun came up. But now the final issue will happen. The final chapter of the Q-BASE story. Do not be afraid, every end has a new beginning. “

Q-Dace also said that in 2019 will create a new concept that will allow the expansion of horizons, this time at the airport of Weeze.
The last edition of the fstival takes place on September 8th, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the festival.

Q-Dance promises that this will be a big farewell:

“Get ready for a style outing, since we have the biggest, the worst, the craziest festival. It will be legendary and we hope you are part of it. “

Tickets for the festival are not yet for sale but should be available shortly.

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