6 years after releasing their latest album ‘The Rules of Dada’, Dada Life return in full force with their new pack of productions ‘Our Nation’.

In fact, last May the 4th, the swedish duo behind some of the biggest electronic dance music anthems like Happy Violence and Kick Out The Epic MotherF**ker, released their twelve newest tracks.

Having on the one hand some radio directioned tracks such as ‘Sunday F**k You Too’ and ‘Higher Than The Sun’ and on the other hand festival and club hits like ‘Do It Till Your Face Hurts’ and ‘One Nation Under Lasers’ and even a deeper track ‘Headless Hobby Horse’,  this album is complete and diversified and everyone can listen to it and enjoy it. 

In each of these tracks, the presence of the groovy bass and the uplifting synths characteristic from the duo’s sound, as well as the raging vocals driving the audience to insanity, is notable and reminds the listener what the times back from 2012 felt like.

With ‘Our Nation’, Dada Life show what they want the dance community to be, a ‘Nation’ where the only music there is is ‘Happy Face Music’, where people smile untill their face hurts.

They recently announced their new tour dates for 2018 and if you want to buy tickets you can do it here!

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