We’ve been announced the collaboration between Labrinth, Sia and Diplo three weeks ago when Diplo has posted the news in Instagram, but without certainty, even though “The Sun” has leaked some information about the possible release.

But now we’re sure that the artists are being part of a supergroup called LSD.

Their debut single was released last Thursday and counts more than 10 million streams on Youtube and 4 million on Spotify. That’s caused naturally by the psychedelic video where we can whatch Labrinth and Sia being pursued by Diplo flutuant head, among other trippy scenes.

The group declared that he’s working on an album and that they will be releasing another single called “Audio” in May 10th. “Genius” has been welcomed and it quickly showed up in various playlists among all streaming platforms, and it’s been featured in Spotify’s “New Music Friday” which have almost 3 million followers. 

Diplo has released his new EP “California” and launched his new radio-show on Sirius XM. Also he spoke recently about Skrillex and Calvin Harris influence in Electronic Dance Music over the last decade.

It had to be said, it was a Genius idea. Watch the official video below.

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