Starting today, Spotify’s new hate content and hateful conduct policies will promote the values which the streaming service is based on.
This way, all artists who are in any way related to this type of behavior, whether in real life or in the message of their songs, have been removed and will no longer be integrated into Spotify’s featured playlists such as Discover Weekly, Daily Mix, and others.

According to Spotify, these policies are designed so that it service meets its beliefs in “openness, diversity, tolerance and respect,” emphasizing that this is why hate content is not allowed.
Likewise, any artist who engages in any particularly offensive behavior, such as sexual or child abuse, will no longer be integrated on playlists created based on the Spotify algorithm, nor will be promoted in any way.

Vice President and Content Director Jonathan Prince states:

“I think that, frankly, all of us have become increasingly aware of the responsibility that we have when we make recommendations about content, and particularly when we’re doing that in a way that may send signals to our audience about what we believe and what we value.”

Therefore, the work of various artists like R. Kelly, XXXTentation, and Datsik will still be available, but you’ll have to look specifically for them, otherwise it will not appear on the platform.

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