The man himself, Hardwell, is back into showing us what he’s capable of, and this time he reveals a clip of the track, “Earthquake“. Still holding tight to his Top 5 spot for most recognised DJ’s, Hardwell gives his fans what they’ve been wanting.

The track was one of the many ID’s premiered by him at this year’s Ultra Music Festival and it was most definitely one of the highlights from his set. The Dutch DJ and Producer did not only tease the track but he also gave us a release date. On May 11th, this banger will take it’s full public form and everyone is waiting impatiently for it. Hardwell had very recently released “Ze Willen Mee” alongside Bizzey, former MC for the Dutch group Yellow Claw, and Lil’ Kleine, a dutch rapper.

“Earthquake” will definitely be one of the tunes to feature in every set this festival season. The stunning synths in the track fit perfectly with the vibrant kick and the beautiful chord progression. The drop is everything you can expect from Hardwell, meaning it’s powerful, catchy and an absolute banger. With this release date being so soon, it allows the track to travel through the continents just in time for all the major festivals.

Make sure you check out the teaser for “Earthquake

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